What to do when you have lost a love one?

Loosing a love one can be a very difficult experience and not knowing what to do can make matters worse. This can be stressful for visitors and residents.




  1. Contact the funeral home of choice.

  2. Transfer rights of the remains to the funeral home chosen.

  3. The remains would be in the custody of the coroner until the autopsy has been actioned.

  4. All documents of the deceased should be presented to the coroner. This includes passport and next of kin identifications.

  5. After the autopsy, the coroner can provide the release to the funeral home.

  6. Discuss with the funeral home preparing the remains repatriation cost. 

  7. Sign the contract with the funeral home chosen and arrange payment.

  8. Contact a funeral home in the burial destination and provide contact details to the funeral home chosen. 

  9. The funeral home will request the death certificate ​and the letter from the morgue department.

  10. The funeral home will prepare the documentation for repatriation.

  11. The body will be prepared and repatriated to the destination.



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